Intellectual Property Law Association of Florida, Inc.

Founded in 1983, the Intellectual Property Law Association of Florida (IPLAF) is an organization whose mission is to benefit Florida-based legal professionals, law students, and administrators interested in the practice of patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, and internet law.  Presently, attorneys and law students may join IPLAF.
Originally, IPLAF (Intellectual Property Law Association of Florida) traditionally focused on serving Fort Lauderdale and Miami patent attorneys, then later expanded to include trademark attorneys and other attorneys practicing various aspects of intellectual property law in South Florida.  Over three decades IPLAF gradually expanded to include professionals in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Orlando, and the Space Coast.  Nowadays, we serve all of the aforementioned areas plus Gainesville, Tampa Bay, and beyond.

With serving its diverse members being the top objective, IPLAF has adapted its purpose to serve the needs of the times.  In the beginning, IPLAF primarily held social gatherings to foster camaraderie among South Florida patent attorneys.  Later, IPLAF began hosting renowned out-of-state speakers and offering CLEs in connection with a wide variety of intellectual property topics.  More recently, with an increase in national speakers being locally sponsored by larger organizations such as the Florida Bar, INTA, AIPLA, IPLAF has made efforts to complement the roles of those organizations rather than duplicate or compete with them.  For example, we have been emphasizing social events to encourage regional camaraderie, and we have provided CLE topics that differ from those of the aforementioned groups.  In fact, IPLAF regularly provides our members with opportunities to present their own CLEs, which often leads to further speaking opportunities for  them.
We are also working closely with Florida's local bar associations, such as the Dade County Bar Association and Broward County Bar Association, to provide additional CLE exposure and local networking opportunities.  In addition, IPLAF supports the Dade County Bar Association's "Patently Impossible Project," a flagship charity race that raises tens of thousands of dollars for Dade Legal Aid each year.

The IPLAF Executive Team is always open to receiving creative suggestions from our members, and we look forward to hearing from you about other ways to provide fun and interesting events for our membership.